Tuesday, August 11, 2009

National Costume Competition

The National Costume competition was held as scheduled on Monday evening August 10 at the Rainforest Theatre on Cable Beach. As I expected, the event showcased costumes of various colors and shapes as candidates graced the stage with attires symbolizing their respective countries. Aside from the usual traditional forms, it was so interesting to note the creative ways and twists some countries gave to their "national costumes".

While the decision lies in the hands ot the official judges to select the best in national costume, here are my top personal choices that actually captivated my attention:


Brass coil rings extending from the neck to the shoulders gave Miss Thailand a stylized representation of the Padaung's tribal tradition of bodily adornment. Similar form of accessories are repeated on arms, legs and hair echoing
the main form of patterning. Thai silk and a unique sculptured hairpiece in the tradition of Thai design embellishment completes this fantastic costume in my number 1 spot.



Avant Garde Terracotta Warrior costume is symbolic of China's entry into the global economic powers of the new millenium. Ancient but modern in style.



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