Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miss Universe 2009 National Costumes_ part 6

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  1. The national costume of Miss Egypt is truly captivating and symmetrical in its design. As for Miss Cyprus, it is like a sleeping night gown to me, except that it is accentuated with a cord or a rope.As for Miss Croatia,above the knee skirt looks like a kindergarten school uniform to me.The costume of Miss Costa Rica is quite similar to Spain, with all its ruffles all over. As with Miss Canada, I wonder if what tribe or minorities does her swimsuit-inspired national costume represent. With such cold country like hers, she will freeze to death in a minute.Miss Bulgaria national costume is authentic, except for its plunging neckline, which almost exposed the breast of the candidate, that makes her costume ethnic (on the skirt) yet contradicting.As for Miss Bolivia, this headdress needs someone from a circus, who is an expert in balancing.See, she needs to hold the headdress to stay in place.As for Miss Aruba, simply gorgeous but quite similar to the Pocahontas female dress.As for Miss Argentina, just a plain and simple white long gown, fit for the long gown competition.And lastly, for Miss Angola, a beautiful and simply ethnic inspired national costume is well carried and executed.Perfect!